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Video is one of THE BEST ways to connect with your ideal client online!  Sometimes making great video seems like a great mystery, only to be unlocked by the extrovert or professional actor.  Not so! YOU can make professional looking video with barely more than your own smart phone.  Would you like to know how?



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Your first video will be this Quick Start guide to making professional video with your smartphone!


  • Does your business need video?
  • What equipment is needed? (Spoiler alert;  not much more than your smartphone!)
  • What to say?
  • Composition, lighting and sound
  • Inspiration and ideas for more video to connect with your clients



Make Great Video for Your Business Monthly Program


You know that video can be a powerful tool for your business, but where to get started?! What does it take to make great, professional-looking video for your business? Monthly zoom calls Specific teaching to learn specifically, hands-on how to make great video Q A for your specific needs Learning from others' questions ...Learn More!