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Make Great Video for Your Business Monthly Program

Make Great Video for Your Business Monthly Program

Price: $49.00

Make Great Video for your Business Monthly Program

You know that video can be a powerful tool for your business, but where to get started?!

What does it take to make great, professional-looking video for your business?

  • Monthly zoom calls
    • Specific teaching to learn specifically, hands-on how to make great video
    • Q & A for your specific needs
    • Learning from others' questions
  • Bonus material from collaboration partners 

Monthly Class Outline:

  1. Why Video?
  2. Have an editorial calendar
  3. How to make great video with your smartphone
  4. How to speak for the camera. 
  5. Video on the go.  Gimbal, tripod or hand held
  6. Video inside the office. Lighting, microphone, background
  7. Blog video. 
  8. Live Video.
  9. Doing double and triple duty with your videos.  Blog, website, social media, texting. 
  10. How to shoot for editing.  B roll, keep it simple!
  11. Editing with lumafusion
  12. Putting it all together!