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Business Video Tips


Regular tips and encouragement of how to make and use video for your business.  Whether social media, your website or blog, you can make professional looking video with your smartphone!  Enjoy these quick tips and tricks, free of charge!

Make Great Video for Your Business Monthly Program

$49 monthly 

If you've loved the Business Video Tips and want to dive deeper, this program is for you!  We'll dig a mile deep on the how-tos of video making with your smartphone.

What does it take to make great, professional-looking video for your business?

  • Monthly zoom calls
    • Specific teaching to learn specifically, hands-on how to make great video
    • Q & A for your specific needs
    • Learning from others' questions
  • Bonus material from collaboration partners 


Video Editing Services

Want to uplevel your self-made smartphone videos before putting them out to the world?  Don't know how or don't have time?  We got you!

Add a couple of elements to make your videos better reflecting your brand?  Check out the basic editing service.  

Need more in depth editing, production and upload to your favorite platform?  Look at editing services.  


Filming in Studio

Filming yourself has its own set of challenges; let's make it tons easier by filming in studio!  Lights, microphone, background and an awesome Director at your service!  Film with your own smartphone and you're ready to upload and post when you walk out the doors.  Or, choose to have us film, produce and upload your videos, hassle free!