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Basic Editing, per video

Basic Editing, per video

Price: $ 150.00

Basic Editing includes:

  • Branded intro/outro at beginning at end
  • One lower third to introduce speaker or title of the video
  • Custom thumbnail

This is price per video to be edited.  If you have four videos to edit, please select four of this item.




Necessary Information

A set up consultation will be needed before we can work together.  This includes:

  • Gathering your brand graphic information and assets
  • Creating your animated logo (you'll have a choice of ten)
  • Creating your lower third to go with your brand
  • Getting connected with your YouTube or Vimeo account


Delivery of Goods

  • We will upload your finished videos as quickly as possible.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery
  • We will be an additional charge for re-editing work.  
    • Most of the information needed will be covered in your set up consultation.
    • Please be as specific as possible on needed edits in your email to us.
    • Billed in 15 minute incriments, $35 per 15 minutes.




How to Deliver the Video Files to be Edited:

  1. Upload your videos to dropbox or google drive.
  2. Rename your files for the finished video titles.  
    1. eg: Intro video, Business Headshots in Studio, What is Video Editing, etc.
  3. Email the dropbox or google drive link.  Make sure we have permission to edit.
  4. Email any other instructions, 
    1. What would you like on the lower third for each video?